Sometimes we receive a complaint from the angry customer via phone. The tips are almost the same with the previous posting “Tips and Examples of Business Phone Etiquette -Handling Complaint (1)” but now this posting will focus on handling the angry customer :

1. Take a deep breath
It will make you remain calm and prevent you to get caught up in his temper.

2. Let customer speak out his anger
Give the angry customer time to speak out his anger. Do not interrupt. The most important thing is not taking personally about what he said. Remember that customer does not angry with you personally. Most of the customer’s complaint arises because of product or even personal problem that does not relate to the company. If we keep calm, once he had relieved his anger he will also get calm.

3. Don’t caught up in his temper
Although he speaks with high tone don’t caught up in his temper. Keep calm. If we stay calm he may control his temper and get calm as well.

4. Show your attention
Customer needs to know that you pay attention and listen to his complaint. You want to help him find the solution to his problem instead of being defensive.
You can make a note to make you easier in getting the point. Don’t hesitate to ask him if there is something you don’t understand. If you don’t understand the complaint you can provide an inappropriate solution. That’s why you have to focus on the complaint itself, although it is delivered with temper. Certainly, you may need extra effort in this situation. But you can learn it.
For example :
”Mr. John, I understand how disappointed you are. I do apologize for this  inconvenience. You are right. We were late in responding your complaint and that was our fault. We will get your problem solved.”

5. Make sure that the customer agrees with the solution
You have to ensure that the customer agrees with the solution you offered and steps you are going to do.
For example :
“Mr. John, to overcome your problem we will…(explain the solution). Therefore, we need to take these steps…(explain the steps you need to do).  Will that be all right?”

6. Solve the problem quickly
You have to solve the problem quickly. Ask the company management to help you evaluate the problem and prevent the same occurrence happen again in the future.

7. Contact the customer when the problem had solved
You need to contact the customer when the problem had solved. You need to make sure that the customer is satisfied. You may also thank him for allowing you to help.

 8. Remind the customer if he keeps angry
If you had tried to make customer calm, but didn’t work out (for example, he keeps angry, shouting or become ruder) then you can say :
“Mr. John, I do apologize for what happened. I know that was really making you upset and I want to help you. But if you keep shouting at me, I find it difficult to understand what you said”

I hope this example can provide you a description about handling the angry customer with business phone etiquette.



Tips and Examples of Business Phone Etiquette-Handling Complaint (2)

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