1. How to ask the caller about something you didn’t hear clearly
a. Asking phone number:
Amy: “Mr. Brad, may I have your phone number, please?”
Brad: “Sure. It’s 012334567 (zero-one-two-double three-four-five-six-seven).”
Amy: “Let me repeat it. 012334967 (zero-one-two-double three-four-nine-six-seven)?”
Brad: “No, that’s 567 (five-six-seven).”
Amy: “I’m sorry, 012334567 (zero-one-two-double three-four-five-six-seven).”
Brad: “That’s right.”

b. Asking name:
Amy: “May I ask who’s calling?”
Brad: “It’s Brad.”
Amy: “Mr. Brent?”
Brad: “Brad. (Bravo-romeo-alpha-delta).”
Amy: “I’m sorry. Mr. Brad.”
Brad: “That’s right.”

2. How to transfer a call
Tina, the customer service, will transfer a call from customer to the Marketing Department.
Tina     : “Bright Star Education, good morning. Tina speaking. How may I assist you?”
Tommy: “Good morning, Tina. I need an English program to prepare for my scholarship’s exam. I have to be ready for my exam in 2 months. Is there any program that can help me with?”
Tina     : “May I ask who’s calling?”
Tommy: “It’s Tomy.”
Tina     : “Certainly, Mr. Tomy. I’m going to connect you with Mr. William. He can guide you to the proper program. Please hang on a moment.”
Tommy: “Thank you.”

Before connecting the call to Mr. William, Tina should tell him first what kind of program that Mr. Tommy needs so that he will be ready to explain the proper program.

For example :
Tina    : “Mr. William, I’m going to connect you with Mr. Tommy. He needs a 2 month English program to prepare for his scholarship’s exam.”
William: “Ok, Tina. You can put him through.”
Tina    : “Please hang on a moment.”

3. If you dial a wrong number call
Shane   :  “Good morning, Ms. Tina?”
Trisha   :  “I’m sorry. You must have the wrong number. I am Trisha.”
Shane   :  “Oh, can I check the number I’ve got, please? Is this 0123444555?”
Trisha   :  “Yes, that’s my phone number. But I am not Tina.”
Shane   :  “I must have wrote the wrong number then. I am sorry for disturbing. Thank you very much.”
Trisha   :  “No problem. You’re welcome.”

4. If you call a busy person
Tory   :  “Good afternoon, Mr. Toby?”
Toby  :  “Yes.”
Tory  :  “This is Tory from “Henry Automotive”. I called as a response to your email.”
Toby  :  “I am just beginning to lead the meeting.”
Tory   :  “I am sorry. Can I call you back later?”
Toby  :  “Sure. You can call me at 10.00 am.”
Tory   :  “Ok, Mr. Toby. Thank you.”
Toby   :  “You’re welcome.”


Examples of Business Phone Etiquette (2)

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