It is very important to build and maintain great communication with your customer or partner in a business. A phone is one of the media you use to do business communication. When you are having a business conversation by phone, you should consider about the etiquette. Etiquette can create a good image for your business. Below you will find a few examples of business phone etiquette:

1. Greeting
Amy: “Fortune Web Design, good morning. Amy speaking.
How may I assist you?”

2. How to ask the caller to hold
Brad: “Hello, Amy. May I speak with Mr. William?”
Amy: “May I ask who’s calling?”
Brad: “It’s Brad.”
Amy: “Certainly, Mr. Brad. I’ll put you through. Please hang on a moment.”
Brad: “Thank you.”
When Mr. Brad is waiting to get connected with Mr. William make sure Amy use hold button to avoid her voice or other voice around her being heard by Mr. Brad. It is important so that the caller does not annoyed by those voices.

a. If in 15-30 seconds the line is still busy, Amy can offer the caller to leave a message or call back later :
Amy: “Thank you for holding. Mr. Brad, the line is still busy. Would you like to leave a message or call back later?”

b. If Mr. William is in a meeting :
Amy: “Mr. Brad, thank you for holding. I’m afraid Mr. William is still in a morning briefing right now. Would you like to leave a message or call back later?”

The caller leaves a message :
Brad: “Well, I’d like to leave a message. I am interested in his offer to build my company’s website. I need more information about that.”
Amy: “Ok, I’ll make sure he gets the message.”

The caller will call back later :
Brad: “Well, I’d like to call back later.”
Amy: “Ok, you can call back in 2 hours.”

3. How to close the conversation
Amy:  “Is there anything else I can assist you with?”
Brad: “No. Thank you.”
Amy: “You’re welcome. Thank you for calling Fortune Web Design. Have a nice day.”


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