In this post, I want to share the examples of business phone etiquette about sales call.
Example #1 :
Betty :  “Good morning, Ms. Tasha?”
Tasha: “Yes.”
Betty : “I am Betty from “Natural Body Care”. We met at a beauty product exhibition a couple days ago. You said that you are interested in our product and would like to hear if there is any product offer.”
Tasha: “Yes. I remember you. I came to your display and we talked about body care products.”
Betty : “That’s right. Ms. Tasha, I called to give you info about this month’s offer.”
Tasha: “Sure.”
Betty : “This month we have a special offer of hand body cream.  We have body creams that are made of honey, milk, fruit, flower, spice. The cream is soft, not sticky and better than the lotion in hydrating your skin. I’d like to meet you this afternoon and bring you some samples.”
Tasha: “Ok, you can come to my house at 4.30 this afternoon.”
Betty  : “Thank you.”
Tasha: “You’re welcome.”

Example #2 :
Sarah     : ” Good morning, Ms. Jasmine?”
Sarah     : “I am Sarah from “Wonderful Shine”. We met at “How to Begin Your Business at Home” training yesterday. How are you? Good?”
Jasmine: “Yes.”
Sarah     : “Ms. Jasmine, you said that you’d like to hear about this month’s offer. I called to give you the information you requested.”
Jasmine: “Ok.”
Sarah     : “We have a special offer of natural make up. Like its name this is not a gaudy make up. In this month, we have a special price for career woman and free tutorial about using that make up. I can bring the sample this afternoon and show you the tutorial.”
Jasmine: “That sounds great. I had another appointment this afternoon. You can come to my office at Saturday 1.00 pm. I have free time about a half hour.”
Sarah     : “Ok, Ms. Jasmine. Thank you.”
Jasmine: “You’re welcome.”


Example of Business Phone Etiquette-Sales Call (1)

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