This post is another example of sales call in business phone etiquette.

Jenna: “Good morning, Ms. Layla?”
Layla : “Yes.”
Jenna: “I am Jenna from “Ms. April Cosmetics”. How are you? Good?”
Layla : “Yes.”
Jenna: “Ms. Layla, I called as a response to your email. You ask for lipsticks’ offer and this month we have the offer you’ve been waiting for.”
Layla : “Great. Is it including creamy lipstick or just a certain brand? Because I need the lipstick that looks natural.”
Jenna: “Yes, Ms. Layla. We have an offer for lipsticks, including creamy lipstick. This month, you save 30%. You only pay 70% of $6. ”
Layla : “I see. What color do you think suits for white skin?”
Jenna: “Pink or peach will look great for white skin. White skin needs soft color. It won’t make your skin looks pale. You will love the natural colors.”
Layla : “Ok, I’ll take the pink and peach lipsticks.”
Jenna: “Ok, Ms. Layla.”


Example of Business Phone Etiquette-Sales Call (2)

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