In the previous posting “Example of Business Phone Etiquette-How to Receive Order via Phone (1)I give you have an example about handling order from a customer via phone.

Right now, I will give you another example :
Rachel (Customer Service) receives order from Kate (customer):
Rachel: “Natural Beauty Care, good morning. Rachel speaking. How may I assist you?”
Kate    : “Good morning, Rachel. Is there any available package for natural make up?”
Rachel: “May I ask who’s calling?”
Kate    : “This is Kate.”
Rachel: “Ms. Kate, we have a package of natural makeup. It contains moisturizer, compact powder, lip balm, lipstick, eyebrow. The price is $40 for each package. But let me check the stock first. This package is one of our company’s best seller. How many packages would you like to take?”
Kate    : “Well, I’d like to take 2 packages.“
Rachel: “Ok, please hang on a moment.”
Kate    : “Thank you.”

After a few seconds :
Rachel: “Ms. Kate, we still have 2 packages available. Would you like to order now?”
Kate    : “Yes, I’d like to order those 2 packages.”
Rachel : “Ok, Ms. Kate. I will send the order form via email. Please fill in the form with detailed order and the recipient’s address then send it back to me. I will provide you with information of delivery fee and payment procedure based on your order form. May I have your email address and phone number, please?”
Kate     : “Sure. You can send that form to My phone number is 9687524311.”
Rachel : “Ok, Ms. Kate. I will send the order form right away.  Is there anything else I can assist you with?”
Kate    : “No, thank you.”
Rachel: “You’re welcome. Thank you for calling Natural Beauty Care. Have a nice day.”



Example of Business Phone Etiquette-How to Receive Order (2)

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