If you need another example about handling customer’s complaint in business phone etiquette, you can find it in the example below.

Andrew: “Cool Host, good morning. Andrew speaking. How may I assist you?”
Julia     : “Good morning, Andrew. I’ve just received an email that my credit card has been charged for hosting payment this month. Whereas I’d sent an email about cancelling my order before. Could you check that for me?”
Andrew: “May I ask who’s calling?”
Julia     : “This is Julia.”
Andrew: “Ms. Julia, let me check your account. Could you tell me your account number, please?”
Julia     : “It’s 098765.”
Andrew: “Ok, please hang on a moment.”
Julia     : “Ok.”

After checking the account :
Andrew: “Ms. Julia, thank you for holding. I do apologize you have been inconvenienced. Yes, you’d sent an email about cancelling your order. I had cancelled it and you will receive refund for the payment in 3-7 days.”
Julia     : “Ok.”
Andrew: “Is there anything else I can assist you with?”
Julia     : “No. Thank you.”
Andrew: “You’re welcome. Thank you for calling Cool Host. Have a nice day.”


Example of Business Phone Etiquette-Handling Complaint (4)

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