Lily     : “Ms. Rose Beauty House, good morning. Lily speaking. How may I assist you?”
Emma: “Good morning, Ms. Lily. I think you made a mistake in processing my order. I should have received compact powder, lipstick and foundation. But, I haven’t got the foundation yet.”
Lily     : “May I ask who’s calling?”
Emma: “This is Emma.”
Lily     : “Ms. Emma, let me check your order. May I know the order number?”
Emma: “It’s 22333.”
Lily     : “Ok, please hang on a moment.”
Emma: “Ok.”

After checking the order :
Lily     : “Thank you for holding. Ms. Emma, your order consists of compact powder, lipstick and foundation. Is it correct?”
Emma: “Yes, it’s correct.”
Lily     : “Ms. Emma, I do apologize you have been inconvenienced. There was a misunderstanding between Order Division dan Courier Division so that the foundation did not put in the package. We will send the foundation right away.”
Emma: “Ok, can I receive the foundation tomorrow?”
Lily     : “Certainly, Ms. Emma.”
Emma: “Thank you.”
Lily     : “You’re welcome. Is there anything else I can assist you with?”
Emma: “No, thank you.”
Lily     : “You’re welcome. Thank you for calling “Ms. Rose Beauty House”. Have a nice day.”


Example of Business Phone Etiquette-Handling Complaint (3)

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