If you got a wrong number call, avoid of being rude. You should not say, “I am sorry you’ve got the wrong number” then hang up the phone immediately.

Here is the example to help you handle the wrong number call :  
Rose : “Ms. Samantha Collection, good morning. Rose speaking.
How may I assist you?”
Sasha:  “Good morning, I am Sasha from Ms. Michelle Jewellery.
May I speak with Ms. Martha?”
Rose  :  “I am sorry. You must have the wrong number. There is no one of that name here.”
Sasha:  “Oh, can I check the number I’ve got, please? Is this 01234567?”
Rose  :  “Yes, that’s our company’s phone number.
But there is no one that named Martha here.”
Sasha:  “I must have wrote the wrong number then. I am sorry for disturbing. Thank you very much.”
Rose  :  “No problem. You’re welcome.”

What about handling the wrong extension number call?
If you work at the office that has many extension numbers, occasionally you also receive the wrong extension number call. If you receive that call, help the caller by directing it to the right extension.

For example, if the caller needs to take order and dials the wrong extension number, you should not say :
”I am sorry you must have the wrong extension number. We are not responsible for the order process.”

Here is the example to help you handle the wrong extension number call :
Chad : “Marketing Division-Bright Moon Company”, good morning. Chad speaking. How may I assist you?”
Katy   : “Good morning, Chad. I’d like to take order of beauty care package.”
Chad : ”I am sorry, Ms. Katy. For order process, I’ll put you through to Mr. Jamie at Order Division. His extension number is 123. Could you please hang on a moment?”
(Chad should tell Katy the extension number just in case the phone connection breaks up, she can directly dial the proper extension)
Katy   : “Ok, Chad. Thank you.”
Chad : “You’re welcome”.


Example of Business Phone Etiquette-Handling The Wrong Number Call

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