Example of Business Phone Etiquette-Handling Complaint (4)

If you need another example about handling customer’s complaint in business phone etiquette, you can find it in the example below.

Andrew: “Cool Host, good morning. Andrew speaking. How may I assist you?”
Julia     : “Good morning, Andrew. I’ve just received an email that my credit card has been charged for hosting payment this month. Whereas I’d sent an email about cancelling my order before. Could you check that for me?”
Andrew: “May I ask who’s calling?”
Julia     : “This is Julia.”
Andrew: “Ms. Julia, let me check your account. Could you tell me your account number, please?”
Julia     : “It’s 098765.”
Andrew: “Ok, please hang on a moment.”
Julia     : “Ok.”


Example of Business Phone Etiquette-Handling Complaint (3)

Lily     : “Ms. Rose Beauty House, good morning. Lily speaking. How may I assist you?”
Emma: “Good morning, Ms. Lily. I think you made a mistake in processing my order. I should have received compact powder, lipstick and foundation. But, I haven’t got the foundation yet.”
Lily     : “May I ask who’s calling?”
Emma: “This is Emma.”
Lily     : “Ms. Emma, let me check your order. May I know the order number?”
Emma: “It’s 22333.”
Lily     : “Ok, please hang on a moment.”
Emma: “Ok.”


Example of Business Phone Etiquette-Sales Call (2)

This post is another example of sales call in business phone etiquette.

Jenna: “Good morning, Ms. Layla?”
Layla : “Yes.”
Jenna: “I am Jenna from “Ms. April Cosmetics”. How are you? Good?”
Layla : “Yes.”
Jenna: “Ms. Layla, I called as a response to your email. You ask for lipsticks’ offer and this month we have the offer you’ve been waiting for.”
Layla : “Great. Is it including creamy lipstick or just a certain brand? Because I need the lipstick that looks natural.”
Jenna: “Yes, Ms. Layla. We have an offer for lipsticks, including creamy lipstick. This month, you save 30%. You only pay 70% of $6. ”
Layla : “I see. What color do you think suits for white skin?”
Jenna: “Pink or peach will look great for white skin. White skin needs soft color. It won’t make your skin looks pale. You will love the natural colors.”
Layla : “Ok, I’ll take the pink and peach lipsticks.”
Jenna: “Ok, Ms. Layla.”


Example of Business Phone Etiquette-Sales Call (1)

In this post, I want to share the examples of business phone etiquette about sales call.
Example #1 :
Betty :  “Good morning, Ms. Tasha?”
Tasha: “Yes.”
Betty : “I am Betty from “Natural Body Care”. We met at a beauty product exhibition a couple days ago. You said that you are interested in our product and would like to hear if there is any product offer.”
Tasha: “Yes. I remember you. I came to your display and we talked about body care products.”
Betty : “That’s right. Ms. Tasha, I called to give you info about this month’s offer.”
Tasha: “Sure.”
Betty : “This month we have a special offer of hand body cream.  We have body creams that are made of honey, milk, fruit, flower, spice. The cream is soft, not sticky and better than the lotion in hydrating your skin. I’d like to meet you this afternoon and bring you some samples.”
Tasha: “Ok, you can come to my house at 4.30 this afternoon.”
Betty  : “Thank you.”
Tasha: “You’re welcome.”